Fur Fly                                                                 printer friendly version

I have found this fly to be a killer pattern in the Western Lakes along the shallow margins, this Tony Sloane pattern has landed many an angler a trout or two.  I find it useful when frogs are about, as it has a fantastic pulsating action when it is slowly retrieved.


HOOK:         #8 round bend
THREAD:    Black of Yellow
BODY:         Rabbit Fur (grey, grey-brown or brown)
HEAD:           Black Ostrich Herl

Tying Instructions:

1.  Whip thread onto hook, back from the eye for 8mm and then half hitch

2.  Then proceed to wind thread back halfway (4mm) back towards eye of hook and half hitch again.

3.  With your prepared rabbit skin (5mm strip of skin with fur attached) hold on top of hook over the eye and tie down with a few turns of thread and half hitch. (Make sure it is a good winter coat)

4.  Clip off the skin tag, trimming the fur roots and apply a coat of clear varnish.  When the varnish becomes tacky tie down the roots and return thread to were the fur was first tied in.

5.  Tie in two Ostrich herls winding three or four turns to forma a little ruff.  Cut away the surplus herl and finish head the usual way.

A modified version of this fly can also be tied by using a #6 or 8 long shank hook and adding a tail of four or five strands of peacock herl, 12mm beyond the hook bend.