Fiery Brown Beetle                                                                                 printer friendly version

The Fiery Brown Beetle is no more than a fat sealís fur body with a crow or cormorant wing fibre across itís back to make a simple wet beetle.
This fly is excellent for tailing trout, especially if they are on snails.  Fish the fly inert, by placing it in front of the fish and letting it slowly sink. 


HOOK:         Mustad 9980 or 94838 or Tiemco 3761 #10 - 16
THREAD:    Black 6/0 Uni thread
BODY:         Dubbed fiery brown seal's fur
BACK:         Bunch of crow or cormorant feather fibres

Tying Instructions:

1.  First off wrap a nice even base of thread starting from near the front of the hook and extending to the point where you are going to tie in your first part of the fly, the wing case. This point should be roughly level with the barb on the hook. Once this is completed and you have a good bed of thread proceed to step two.

Now take the crow or cormorant and select a few fibres. Tie in at the rear of the hook with the feather extending out and to the back. This not only moves it out of the way of the next step but also allows for the correct appearance of the back/wingcase that is so prominent on this particular pattern. Remove excess feather fibres with scissors and add a couple of thread turns to strengthen.

3.  Next pinch off a bit of dubbing. Apply it to the thread to form a small rope. This material is not the easiest to dub but you really want that shaggy look so don't despair and especially don't use dubbing wax. Apply dubbing to about a four inch section of the thread before you start to wind forward and construct the body of the fly.

Build up a nice body as seen in the accompanying photo with it tapering from thin at the rear to thicker in the middle and again to thin at the front of the fly. Do this by winding the rope of dubbing forward, each turn in front of the previous one adding more turns in the same plane in the middle of the fly to get the required beetle shape. Use you own judgement here adding as much as necessary to get the proportions right.

5.  The fly is almost done. Remove the excess dubbing from the thread and place back in your valuable Fiery Brown Seal's Fur packet..(hard to get these days). Take the back/wingcase between your thumb and fore fingers of your right hand and gently and evenly pull it forward and over the dubbed body. Transfer holding it in place to your left hand and tie in. Trim the excess feather and add a couple of half hitches to finish.