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The Dunny Brush is my all time favourite fly for evening fishing.  We fish this fly from about an hour before dark until late in the evening.  This fly can be fished by either just casting out and leaving it sitting on the water or present to a rising trout and hang on!!


HOOK:                Large dry fly hook #4 - 8
THREAD:            Black 
BODY:                Bronze peacock herl
TAIL:                  Dark speckled turkey tail
WING:                Dark speckled turkey tail
HACKLE:           Large black cock hackle

Tying Instructions:

1. Wind thread onto shank of hook to the bend.

2.  Tie in a few strands of the speckled turkey tail, to form a small tail.

3.  Tie in 3 or 4 strands of peacock herl (depending on quality).  I prefer to make a rope out of the herl by making a loop of thread and twisting herl and thread together.

4.  Proceed to make a even thick body about 2/3's along shank of hook.

5.  Tie in a piece of speckled turkey tail for a wing case at the spot where body finishes, making sure that the wing is tied laying down along the body.  Wing case should extrude at least half the length of hook shank, as in photo.

6.  Tie in 2 or 3 black cock hackles.

7.  Wind hackles onto hook, one at a time, as you want to achieve a nice thick bushy effect.

8.  Whip finish and apply small amount of head cement.