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The Chernobyl Ant is a fly that I’m not sure how any tier or fly fisher could not love. They are fast, inexpensive, float like…..corks, take an absolute BEATING from fish….and still come back for more!


HOOK:                Size 8 3x long shank nymph
THREAD:            Black 3/0
UNDERBODY:   Pearl Black Estaz
OVERBODY:     Black closed cell foam~cylinders (sheet foam can be substituted)
LEGS:                  Black, round rubber
INDICATOR:     Red closed cell foam (from pool toy)

Tying Instructions:

1.  Tie in the Estaz at the bend of the hook.

Cut the foam cylinder at an angle as shown, tie in compressing the foam. Advance the thread to the eye of the hook.

3.  Wind the Estaz forward in tight wraps. In open wraps, wind the thread back about 2/3 of the way to the bend.

Fold the foam forward, keeping it tight. Make 4-5 tight wraps of thread. being careful not to cut the foam. On the far side of the hook, loop a 50mm pc. of rubber leg material around the thread and secure it. Repeat on the near side of the hook.

5.  Stroke the foam and legs back and advance the thread towards the eye, approx. the middle of the hook shank.

6.  Pull the foam forward and bind down. Add legs to both sides of the hook in the same manner as in step 4. Cut a strip of red foam approx. 1/4"x1/16" and tie it to the top of the shank at the same point. Advance the thread forward almost to the eye. Be careful not to crowd the eye of the hook. Bind the foam down once more. Cut off the excess foam.

7. To finish, stroke the legs down evenly and cut them to just under 18mm long. Pinch the two halves of the indicator together and cut them short.

8.  Remember no floatant is required.